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Seward Trunks

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31" Steel Footlocker by Seward Trunks (SEWA 593441)The Trailblazer Footlocker w/ Wheels, Trunks by Seward 31"(SEWA 5231-11)Embossed Steel Cube 20" - by Seward (SEWA 5950-46)The Academy Green Trunk by Seward 32"(SEWA 5925-41)The Garrison 31"Oversized Trunk - W/ Tray by Seward (SEWA 5531-31)The Base Oversized 31" Trunk - With 3 1/2" Deep Tray by Seward (SEWA 5531-61)The Barracks Footlocker - No Tray by Seward (SEWA 5115-10 )Trooper 31" Oversize Locker With Wheels - No Tray by Seward (SEWA 5132-11)Shadow Chest Woof Slat 32" Trunk - Shadow Box Lid by Seward (SEWA 4950-80)ATA Transport Cases 18 Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3718-10)ATA Transport Cases 20 Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3720-10)ATA Transport Cases 22 Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3722-10)ATA Transport Cases 24 Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3723-10)ATA Transport Cases 24 Oversized Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3724-10)ATA Transport Cases 26 Transport Case by Seward (SEWA 3726-10)1878 Collection 30" Locker - No Tray by Seward (SEWA 5428-11)1878 Collection 31" Oversize Locker with Wheels - No Tray by Seward (SEWA 5439-11)1878 Collection 31" Oversize Locker with Wheels - With Tray by Seward (SEWA 5439-11T)Collegiate 30" Footlocker Trunk by Seward (SEWA 5120)Collegiate 30" Wheeled Footlocker Trunk by Seward (SEWA 6113)

Surray sells the Seward Trunks that are made using wood. We will not sell trunks that are made of Fiber Board because those are really pressure treated card board and crush easily. We sell Seward camp trunks, college trunks, summer camp trunks, and wheeled trunks. Seward Trunks originated in 1878 in Petersburg, Virginia. Seward steamer trunks were used on cruises, to carry salesmen's samples, and to protected items at home. Seward Trunks are made in the USA. They are the larges manufacturer and they make the best quality trunks in the world. We do not reccomend traveling with aluminum or Fiberboard trunks, since they do not stand up well.


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