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Sandicast Animal Sculptures

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Golden Retriever II (Original Size) Sandicast Animal (SAND 375)Companion Size Labrador Retriever by Sandicast (SAND CS54)Life SizeShih Tzu Pup - Silver & White by Sandicast (SAND LS123 )Life Size Pug Pup Sitting by Sandicast (SAND LS127 )Life Size Yorkie by Sandicast (SAND LS549 )Life Size Black Labrador by Sandicast (SAND LS901 )Life Size Yellow Labrador by Sandicast (SAND LS903 )Life Size Wolf by Sandicast (SAND LS904 )Life Size Bulldog by Sandicast (SAND LS916 )Mid-Size Bichon Frise by Sandicast (SAND OS109 )Original Size Pug by Sandicast (SAND OS137 )Original Size Pembroke Welsh Corgi by Sandicast (SAND OS208 )Original Size Cocker Spaniel - Buff by Sandicast (SAND OS288 )Original Size Dachshund - Black by Sandicast (SAND OS370 )Original Size Dachshund - Red by Sandicast (SAND OS371 )Original Size Black Labrador by Sandicast (SAND OS380 )Original Size Jack Russell - Smooth - White & Brown by Sandicast (SAND OS383 )Original Size Border Collie by Sandicast (SAND OS389 )Original Size German Shepherd - White by Sandicast (SAND OS398 )Original Size Bulldog - Fawn by Sandicast (SAND OS452 )Original Size Maltese by Sandicast (SAND OS458 )Original Size Silver & White Shih Tzu by Sandicast (SAND OS494 )

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