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Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Cabin Spinner BR-U116SPBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 18”Commuter Expandable Upright BR-U119CXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 17” Commuter Spinner BR-U119SPBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 20” International Carry On Expandable Wide Body Upright BR-U121CXWBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 19” International Carry On Wide body Spinner BR-U121SPWBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 21” Domestic Carry On Expandable Upright BR-U122CXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 20” Domestic Carry On Spinner BR-U122SPBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 24” Medium Expandable Upright BR-U125CXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 23” Medium Expandable Spinner BR-U125SPXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 27” Large Expandable Upright BR-U128CXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 26” Large Expandable Spinner BR-U128SPXBriggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag BR-U174Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Domestic Carry On Upright Garment Bag BR-U175Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Deluxe Wheeled Garment Bag BR-U176Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe BR-U178Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 26” Medium Upright Duffle BR-UWD127Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline 28” Large Upright Duffle BR-UWD129Briggs & Riley Travelware Baseline Rolling Cabin Bag br-u116Baseline Classic Toiletry Kit by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 110)Baseline Executive Toiletry Kit by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 114)Baseline Expandable Toiletry Kit by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 115X)Baseline Compact Toiletry Kit by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 118)Baseline Cabin Duffel by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 221)Baseline Double Expandable Tote by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 231X)Baseline Large Shopping Tote by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 255)Baseline Large Weekender by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 256)Baseline Extra Large Weekender by Briggs-Riley (BRIG 257)Baseline Deluxe Garment Bag by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 370)Baseline Compact Garment Bag by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 375)Baseline Classic Garmnet Cover by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 389)Baseline Long Garment Cover by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 390)Baseline Expandable Duffel by Briggs & Riley (BRIG 640X)

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